Tuesday, November 22, 2016



This is my drawling of a pic I took of myself wearing my peachy hat.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

pretend it's yours

my goals and intentions were to create a drawling that showed shadows and lead you into it. I accomplished that by looking at the still life and drawling what I saw. All of the shadows and how the chopsticks lead you toward the take out box making it more visually pleasing.What surprised me the most was how complex such a little box can be, there were so many details that I thought wouldn't have to be taken into account which clearly did. My drawling is about different shades and how something may seem so dull but the way you chose to interpret that is always incredible and will always be interesting.
The most difficult challenge I had while drawling was the values. Making the values all different colors while still trying to distinguish shapes was a complex challenge. I meet this by having 6 different tones so that you could tell where and what place everything is in and what is what. I used the right brain thinking while looking at the still life and drawling what i saw from my point of view.I think my drawling really works in the shadows, you can really tell where the light was coming from and how that affects the intricacy of it. 
some things I have learned from an other artist in the class would be blending with an eraser from Josie and from Kaylin with shadows. all in all they really helped my work though it and made it better.  
Drawling by Audrey Barnheart.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

take out

artist statement

my goals and intentions were to create a charcoal drawling that was visual pleasing and that lead you into the picture. I accomplished this by having the chop sticks sort of vertical so that you could follow them to the take out box. My drawling is about the contrast of dark and light that can make something so unique depending on what angle you chose to interpret it from.
The most difficult challenge in this drawling was getting all the different types of values of light and dark so that you could differentiate the values and shapes. I meet this challenge by having at least 7 different values and not putting close values together so it all looked the same. I experienced teh right brain thinking but looking at the set up i had made and drawling what i saw. It really works when its leading you in because its dark at the bottom and lighter at the top as if its going up toward the sun (where the light was).
Some things I have learned from this project were how to blend the black with an eraser so you could make blacks lighter and still be able to differentiate shapes. I can now incorporate this into my next drawling to make the shapes stand out better and separate figures.
Another artist who I thought did a great job on this was Audrey Barnheart. She had nice shadows and her shapes were all different so you could tell were things were. She helped me to figure out what different shades to make my different areas and encouraged my drawling along the way. Thanks Audrey for making my drawling look better <3.